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Terry Stoklosa possesses over 30 years of consulting experience, in a variety of positions, within several industries and has enjoyed tremendous success in each. He has accumulated a wealth of experience and relative knowledge over his long career and his continued success can be contributed primarily to one key factor – doing right by the customer and becoming a true advocate on his or her behalf!

A little over half of this time has been dedicated to the assessment, design and implementation of large facility renewal projects for a variety of clients with various sizes and complexities of building portfolios. The need to offer clients options, including new alternatives for designing & procuring facility renewal projects, became very apparent during his tenure with a large Energy Services Company.

Terry observed an alarming amount of waste, redundancies of mark-up’s and other inefficiencies when designing facility renewal projects. It was with that in mind, that he chose to begin his firm in 2012 and has experienced great success from the start! As your Owner’s Representative, Terry Stoklosa will represent your best interests in everything from the very simple tasks, such as utility procurement to the very complex tasks of designing and implementing multi million-dollar construction projects.

Clients and Testimonials

Lincolnwood School District 74, like most other K12 schools had a long and varied list of facility renewal items to tackle.  The leadership team there chose to bring TFS Alliance Group in to manage the entire process from performing a 10-year facility needs assessment to project design and implementation.  By utilizing this new planning and procurement model, the District was able to realize very real and very significant savings.

“…Terry has developed a “new” business model…for addressing any or all…facility renewal construction projects. …in all cases his work has surpassed my expectations AND saved my District hundreds of thousands of dollars!” – Dr. Joe Bailey, Superintendent, Lincolnwood School District 74

Refer to the attached article, published by Lincolnwood School District 74, for more detail

Refer to letter of recommendation from Dr. Joe Bailey

Niles Township District for Special Education 807, performed great due diligence as to which method of project procurement would be most beneficial; the traditional approach or the TFS Alliance Group method.  After much consideration, NTDSE 807 came to a very obvious decision and chose to partner with TFS.  Although operating within an extremely tight timeline, a major retrofit project was accomplished over the 2015 summer break.  Resulting not only in a highly successful project but one that delivered very significant savings to the District.

“…we decided to go the non-traditional procurement model approach…  The District saved over $100,000 by utilizing their [TFS Alliance Group] delivery model and services.  Additionally, we completed the project within the budget and did not have any change orders.” – Dr. Tarin Kendrick, Executive Director, NTDSE 807

Refer to letter of recommendation from Dr. Tarin Kendrick

Niles Elementary School District 71, had been engaging various parties (architects, engineers, consultants and so on) as is typically the approach for many building owners.  After some discussion, regarding services offered, the Building & Grounds Committee realized they could benefit by having TFS Alliance Group manage the entire process.  By engaging the appropriate resources, only when necessary, efficiencies (real savings) were realized and the summer projects came in on time and under budget.

“In every way, his work was excellent, and I highly recommend him…he has the knowledge to tackle the most complex projects.  He is with you every step of the way to ensure that the projects are properly managed from concept and design through project close-out.  As a problem solver focused on doing the right thing, he takes the worry out of the construction process.  His integrity, understanding personae, and people skills raise him to a professional level that is rarely achieved.  …I have no doubt that any job under Terry’s direction will be completed with reliability, competence, and strict attention to detail.” – Dr. John Kosirog, Superintendent, Niles School District 71

Refer to letter of recommendation from Dr. John Kosirog

Sample of other endorsements:

Dr. Gary T. Zabilka, Superintendent, Morton Grove School District 70 – retired.  “Thanks to Terry’s knowledge and expertise we were able to develop a proposal [project] that would resolve many issues in our building, at a cost of over $7 million. …we ended up with a fantastic quality project, primarily due to the efforts of Mr. Terry Stoklosa.”

Dr. Scott B. Thompson, Superintendent, Community Consolidated School District 15.  “Terry would be a phenomenal partner and make an immediate and long-term impact on any organization!  The value he would add to any organization due to the respect he has earned and the trust he has built cannot be overstated.”

Mr. John Sugrue, Associate Vice Chancellor Administrative Services, City Colleges of Chicago.  “We are very pleased with the projects that you have completed for us in an effort to: 1) replace mechanical systems…2) retrofit our lighting…3) upgrade our electrical…4) install energy efficient roofing systems; and 5) reduce energy and operational costs at City Colleges.  I hope they [other institutions] are afforded the opportunity to work closely with you and your team to achieve their goals.”

Craig Rosenburg, MD, Board President (retired), Bannockburn School District 106.  “Finally, and ultimately the most important…, the project was completed on time and with outstanding results.  Once again, thank you…for all of your hard work and for an exceptional outcome with our project.”

Sampling of our customers

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A direct result and benefit of the extensive experience realized over the last 30+ years is the creation of numerous strategic partnerships. In an effort to offer as comprehensive a solution as possible, TFS Alliance Group has developed and continues to maintain partnerships with a wide variety of professionals covering a broad array of services and custom solutions. The partnerships that TFS Alliance Group has developed over these many years, include the essential pieces to assess, design and successfully implement your projects:

  • Engineering – Mechanical, civil, structural, electrical and others
  • Architects – numerous local and familiar firms
  • General Contractors
  • Trade specific contractors
  • Construction Management / Project Management Firms

Who is TFS Alliance Group?

A consulting firm offering a full and comprehensive suite of services, relating to facility renewal projects.

  • Over 30 years of combined experience
  • One billion dollars of construction related experience on projects ranging from as small as $250,000 up to $25,000,000
  • Independent 3rd party advisor; no commitment to any service provider, product line, or equipment manufacturer
  • Extension of your team – by engaging TFS Alliance Group, you acquire a new team member and one that will advocate on your behalf. Please reference the organizational chart for more detail.