Construction and Project Management

Assessing and designing your construction projects are only part of the challenge in order to implement a successful project.  Without effective project management, your construction projects can be ridden with numerous and very expensive cost over runs – aka Change Orders.  Also associated with those cost over runs is all too often they come with very damaging and harmful delays to project completion.  Our approach towards this phase of the construction project is a dedicated team that will be on site, to act as your advocate in an effort to limit if not, eliminate the need for any change orders.

Our comprehensive approach includes services such as:
  • Facilitate contract award activities.  Negotiate with all vendors on behalf of the building owner.
  • Conduct project kickoff meetings, establish construction review meeting schedules as appropriate, identify chain-of-command and supervise all project logistics.
  • Initiate strategic communications effort and protocol.
  • Facilitate construction progress meetings, log meeting notes and report regularly to owner, facilities sub-committee, and other specified stakeholders.
  • Provide ongoing commissioning as necessary as projects are completed.
  • Provide budget-tracking and technical third-party review of progress pay applications, ensuring that pay requests are for work that has been completed, meets owner requirements and includes all necessary certified payroll and waiver documentation.
  • Conduct project closeout activities, including gathering documentation such as as-builts, operations & maintenance manuals, warranty documentation, and ensuring proper training is conducted and recorded.
  • Facilitate utility rebate reviews and conduct tax incentive application preparation.
  • Perform independent measurement and verification as required for savings reconciliation.