Facility Assessment and Strategic Planning

Your buildings are, by far, your most valuable physical assets.  Identifying your needs and a respective master plan that addresses all of them is absolutely critical so that you can maximize every dollar of investment in your facilities.  Without this tool, an Owner could find themselves in a constant and very costly reactionary mode, only placing temporary Band-aid fixes on various items as they arise.

We have very extensive experience in identifying all of your building needs while also providing budget costs for the related work.  We can work with your team to create a Master Facilities Plan that addresses all of your long as well as short term facility renewal needs.  These needs typically include facility renewal items such as:

  • Major HVAC retrofit projects (boilers, chillers, Roof Top Unit’s, Unit Vents,…) including installation of much more energy efficient systems)
  • Building envelope (roof systems, windows, doors, tuck-pointing,…)
  • Site / Grounds (parking lot reconstruction, sidewalk replacement,…)
  • Lighting upgrades (interior / exterior)
  • Interior space renovation (doors & hardware, flooring, bathroom renovations and so on)