Federal and State Grants and Rebates

When implementing any energy efficiency type project, it’s critical to be aware of and to take advantage of programs (funds) being made available that incentivize building owners for their efforts to become more green and increase their energy efficiency.  These programs may come from a variety of sources including, Local, State & Federal programs as well as utility companies that are all making funds available to incentivize building owners to become more efficient, as it relates to their levels of energy consumption.

Who Qualifies?
All Illinois public facilities located within Ameren Illinois and ComEd electrical service areas or Ameren Illinois, Nicor, North Shore or Peoples natural gas areas are eligible to take advantage of Illinois Energy Now. Examples of public facilities include:

  • Local governments including municipalities, townships, and county facilities.
  • Special units of local governments including library and park districts, public safety, water reclamation districts, and airport authorities.
  • Public schools including K-12, community colleges and public universities.
  • State and federal agencies including corrections facilities and military bases.
What types of projects are eligible?
Potential upgrades to electric and natural gas systems include but are not limited to:
  • Lighting Equipment
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Gas Equipment
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Waste Water Treatment Aeration Systems

TFS Alliance Group can help ensure that you maximize each and every incentive that is currently available. There is no need to leave money on the table, please contact us for a brief consultation on what incentives are currently available and how you can maximize your financial benefit!