Terry Stoklosa possesses over 30 years of consulting experience, in a variety of positions, within several industries and has enjoyed tremendous success in each. He has accumulated a wealth of experience and relative knowledge over his long career and his continued success can be contributed primarily to one key factor – doing right by the customer and becoming a true advocate on their behalf!

A little over half of this time has been dedicated to the assessment, design and implementation of large facility renewal projects for a variety of clients with various sizes and complexities of building portfolios. The need to offer clients options, including new alternatives for designing & procuring facility renewal projects, became very apparent during his tenure with a large Energy Services Company.

Terry observed an alarming amount of waste, redundancies of mark-up’s and other inefficiencies when designing facility renewal projects. It was with that in mind, that he chose to begin his firm in 2012 and has experienced great success from the start! As your Owner’s Representative, Terry Stoklosa will represent your best interests in everything from the very simple tasks, such as utility procurement to the very complex tasks of designing and implementing multi million-dollar construction projects.