Strategic Project Planning, Procurement & Management Model (SPPPM)

Attempting to first gain an understanding of your facility needs is daunting enough of a task but even more important is after that has been determined,…WHO to engage and WHEN to engage them in order to actually get the project done?  If the correct strategy is not utilized and properly managed, a building owner may be setting themselves up for failure.  All too often, construction projects are ridden with project delays, numerous and very expensive change orders and / or constructed in poor quality.

SPPPM is a new planning & procurement model that, when properly utilized, delivers game changing savings to the customer via elimination of unnecessary mark-ups, redundancies of resources, other efficiencies and on-site project management.  As your Owner’s advocate, TFS Alliance Group becomes an extension of your team and brings a comprehensive and turn-key approach, from assessment all the way through project implementation. Depending on the type of project, various parties will need to be involved, such as Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Project Managers and a variety of other trades.  The challenge again – who to engage & when to engage them?

By knowing which resources to engage and when to engage them, significant efficiencies are realized, redundancies are eliminated and margins better managed – all combining to deliver incredible savings to the customer!

The SPPPM is a complete and comprehensive solution that offers the following:

  • Facility Assessment – facility renewal needs first need to be identified and TFS can deliver a 10 year forecast for your building portfolio.
  • Procurement Strategy – now that facility needs have been identified, it’s absolutely critical to buy the project(s) correctly. This step alone, of identifying which procurement method is most beneficial, delivers a staggering amount of savings to the Owner!
  • Project Design – TFS Alliance Group utilizes a comprehensive approach and will engage any / all necessary resources in order to deliver a complete bid package from bid advertisements to certified drawings and detailed bid specifications.
  • Contract Negotiation – price is only one piece of the puzzle; it’s also extremely important that your best interests are always protected in all of the terms and conditions.
  • Project Management – no project can be successful without someone advocating on your behalf. Who better than the party that helped identify, design and purchase the project?
  • Project Close-out – no construction project can be a success without providing for a complete and comprehensive close-out package. At some point, the building Owner will need to reference certain information and it’s critical to ensure that that information is complied and delivered at the completion of each project.

Let TFS Alliance Group show you how this model works and how it delivers such incredible savings!